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Acid rods - The history

Now readers, more and more intrigued by this particular spiraling ring, ask me for information ...

By Maurizio Pastacaldi

Since we are dealing with a technical notion, I feel I can deal with the speech in the first person. The fishing world knows well the fishing rods and knows that there are different methods to position the passersby on a stem but until recently always and only in line. To understand what we are dealing with, we need to start from the 1940s, where an American, Chuck Roberts, overturned all the rules on the ligatures, elaborating the Spiral system. The idea was developed, as Chuck is a lover of bolentino fishing, to have advantages on this technique. To understand what we are talking about it is good to say that most of the stems are made of composite materials where they have a central joint known as the spine. If this plug is not aligned with the loops, it tends not to make the barrel work correctly. During assembly, the manufacturer must find this plug, even if the painted frame is in place and position the ring on it. If the assembly is not done in a workmanlike manner, especially with prey of moderate size, the barrel tends to skid sideways, putting in crisis the action of return of the stem. For this reason, by fitting the loops around the shaft like a spiral, leaving only the last ones to be in line at the bottom of the barrel, the twists are canceled.
In addition to this, this spiral makes it possible to develop a greater power compared to the drum slurry being distributed over a 300 ° winding. To get the desired result you only need to use loop loops.
Over time the fishing world has understood that this "spiral" system could be applied in all the techniques where rotating drum reels are used, obviously mounted in the upper part of the barrel with respect to the Top. Famous Brands and emblazoned rod builders, for half a dozen years, have been inspired by Chuck Roberts and refining the idea have put on the market complete sets for each specialty and in particular trolling, bolentino and big game.
Time has also evolved the name from spiral to "ACID RODS".
I do not really know why, but in the end the result is the same.

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