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Tech Tube is a high-tech carbon composite material used by leading car manufacturers in motorsport racing where materials need to be more rigid to torsion, lighter for speed and stronger to impacts.

This carbon composite has unbelievable characteristics that have never before been used in the construction of carbon tubes for fishing rods due to its difficult application onto a mandrill.

After more than a year of development and testing, Colmic has finally succeeded in wrapping this very thin material onto a fishing rod mandrill and with spectacular results.
When directly compared to existing high-modulus carbon fishing rods, the benefits are significant and what all anglers dream of – reduced weight, improved rigidity and more resistant to breakage.

Normally when we reduce the weight of a rod section, the rigidity and especially the strength of the section is adversely affected.

With Tech Tube carbon however, we can reduce the weight of the sections by up to 15%, improve the rigidity from 5% to 10% and increase the strength by 10%.
Tech Tube carbon is exclusive to Colmic and delivers great innovation for high-performance competition rods where lightness, high performance and greater reliability elements are required.

Let’s forget about the classic technical formula of Lightness = -Rigidity and -Reliability

Provides us with a new and amazing inversely proportional formula
Lightness = +Rigidity and +Reliability

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